Digital Consoles

Yamaha CL-5

Yamaha QL-1

Yamaha M7CL-ES48

Yamaha DM-1000

Yamaha TF-Rack

iPad control for all consoles

Stage Boxes

Yamaha RIO 3324

Yamaha RIO 1608

Yamaha SB-168

Speaker Systems

Line Array Speaker System A, Nexo Geo-D

Nexo Geo-D Line Array (6-side full range)

Nexo GeoSub Line Array (2-side)

Yamaha PC9501N Power Amplifier Racks

Nexo NX242 Digital Processor

Line Array Speaker System B, Nexo S12

Nexo 1210 Line Source Array

Nexo 1230 Line Source Array

Nexo RS-15 Sub-woofers

NX-AMP 4x4 Power Amplifiers with built-in DSP

The line array systems are complete with all flying hardware.

They can be ground-stacked as well as flown.

For smaller setups, the S12 boxes can be pole-mounted, 2-pole over the subwoofers.

Nexo PS10R2: 10”/1”

Nexo LS400 Subwoofers

Nexo ID-24 Micro Speakers 

Yamaha YST S1525S 

Yamaha YST 1520S

Yamaha S1820S Dual 18" Subwoofers

Galaxy PA5X140 Hot Spot

Fostex 6301B

Stage Monitors
In-Ear Monitor

Eastern Acoustic Works SM500IV bi-amped monitor wedges (15" & 2")

Turbosound TXD-12M full-range monitor speakers

Can also be pole-mounted for small setups

Shure PSM-1000 Transmitter & Receivers

Monitor System Amplification

8-Mix Bi-amped

QSC PLX 3402 Power Amplifiers

QSC PLX 1602 Power Amplifiers

Additional Amplification

Nexo NX 4x4 DSP

Nexo NX 4x1 DSP

Yamaha P-7000

Yamaha P3500

QSC PLX 3002

Crest CA-9

Yamaha H-5000

Yamaha H-7000


DPA-4099 (Piano Mount Kit)

AKG 414 Multipattern Condensers

AKG 460 Cardioid Condensers

AKG C-391B Cardioid Condenser

AKG D-112 Dynamics

AKG C-1000 Condensers

Audix OM3XBs

Sennheiser 518

Sennheiser 421

Sennheiser 914

Audix D1

Audix D2

Audix D3

Audix D4

Audix D6

Electro Voice N-DYM 308

Electro Voice N-DYM 408

Electro Voice RE-20's

Shure Beta 52

Shure SM 137's

Shure SM 58's

Shure SM 57's

Shure Beta 57's

Shure Beta 87's

Shure SM 94

Shure SM-81's

Beyer M-201's

Beyer M-260's

Beyer M-88

Beyer M-69

Crown PCC 160's

Radial JDI

Radial J48

Countryman Type 85 Direct Boxes

Countryman Type 10

Countryman Type 85 Stereo

Countryman Type 10 Stereo

Wireless Microphones

20 Channels: Shure UHF-R – UR4D Wireless Receivers

4 CHannels - Shure ULX-D 4Q, ULXD-2 Beta 58/ULXD-1

20 – Shure UR-1 belt transmitters

12 – Shure UR-2 handheld transmitters (SM-58, Beta 58)

Wireless Heads

Sennheiser MKE-2 Omni Lavalier

Shure WL-184 Hyper-Cardioid Lavalier

Shure WL-185 Cardioid Lavalier

Countryman E-6 Headsets

Professional Wireless Helical Antennas

Sennheiser Wideband Paddle Antennas


Telos One x Six Digital Telephone Interface System

2 – Clear-Com Communications System

10 - Headsets & Belt Packs, 2 - Flash Call Lights, 1 - Telephone Handsets

Tascam LA40 Balancing Amplifier

Sony MDR-V6 Stereo Headphones

Gene ST-25 Supertower Lifts

Ultimate Support Tripod Stands

Backline Instruments

Pearl “BLX” Drumset:

– 1988 Pearl BLX, Birch shell

– 22” Kick Drum, DW-5000 Pedal

– Tom Tom's: 10”, 12”, 13” Mounted, 16” Floor Tom

– 14” Ludwig Chrome Snare

– 14” Slingerland Wood Snare

– Cymbals: 22” Zildjian Ride, 14” Paiste Crash, 18” Zildjian Crash/Ride

                     20” Zildjian Ride, 20” UFIP Dark Ride, 16” Zildjian Crash

                     10” Paiste splash, 18” Zildjian “K” China, 14” Zildjian Hi-hats

All Hardware, Throne, Spare Kick Pedal

Wind Chimes, 2 Cowbells

Guitar Amplifier:

– Fender Twin '65 Re-issue

Bass Amplifier:

– SWR SM900 Head/4x10” SWR Goliath Speaker Cabinet

*Equipment is not limited to that on this list and can be made available upon request.

All systems are modular and can be configured to meet any need.