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Audio Production Group

Est. 1989, APG has been dedicated to providing
the highest quality production services to a diverse client base

Audio Production Group, Inc. is dedicated to providing the highest quality production services to our diverse client base.  We provide pre-production services to ensure your success and our team of seasoned engineers seamlessly integrates with your staff to create a flawless event. APG frequently manages complex musical or corporate productions, such as large musical ensembles requiring fifty or more microphones, and seventeen monitors/mixes. It isn’t unusual for the team to be working with a 50-piece acoustic ensemble playing traditional Arabic music an expanded jazz ensemble/orchestra, or a hundred-plus-piece fiddle orchestra. We make it all work in just a few hours with no feedback and stunning sound. This is just another “day in the office” for APG and our staff!


Our specialties include

Sound Reinforcement


Corporate events

Musical theater


*Any event that requires live sound


Audio Support


Live television

Local venues

Special events

Concert recording

Mixing & Editing

File preparation for distribution

System design & integration

Permanent installations

*State of California C7 Contractor License #961294


Video Projection

Multi-screen presentations

Image magnification

Meet The Team

Andy Heller
Owner / Audio Engineer

Andrew Heller, owner, engineer, producer, entrepreneur, and musician started his career after graduating from California State University in Chico in 2006. He spent 10 summers at the Aspen Music Festival working as an engineer and honing skills in recording and providing sound reinforcement for classical ensembles and jazz bands, as well as for conferences and corporate presentations.
After several years working in recording studios in Los Angeles and the Bay Area, he found an opportunity to provide live sound services for small concerts and events. In 1989 he launched “Location Digital Recording and Sound", a company that provided location recording services as well as live sound reinforcement. LDR grew and thrived which opened the door to expansion, buying new equipment, and growing the client base. In 2010, LDR partnered with another company to move into the next phase of growth, changing the name of the company to Audio Production Group. In 2018, saw the buyout of the partner, moved to a new space, and looked to new horizons and opportunities.
John Profile
Audio Engineer

John has been an audio engineer since 2007 and started working with APG in 2016. He has multiple experiences in live mixing in music festivals, musical theaters, and churches. In addition, to live mixing, he has various experiences with consulting and setting up sound systems for churches around Bay Area and Southern California. Also, he has experience as a web/poster designer and plays multiple musical instruments.
Todd Jones
Audio Engineer

Todd is a talented songwriter, musician/multi-instrumentalist. Todd found an opportunity with APG in 2009 and has been working there ever since. He left his prior career of 20 years in the automotive field in 2008 to pursue his passion for music. He is experienced in mixing for festivals, theater, television, and clubs, as well as recording classical music, jazz, and rock and roll.
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