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sound reinforcement

System design, integration, and permanent sound system installations


APG is a C-7 licensed contractor in the state of California and can provide system design, sales, and permanent installations of audio and video systems for your venue, portable systems, or just the right piece of equipment for your application. We design and install systems in theaters, churches, school auditoriums, or any space in need of a permanent installation.


Concerts, corporate events, musical theater, graduations, and more...


Sound reinforcement refers to the amplification and distribution of sound into a given space, large or small while retaining the quality and balance of the acoustic source(s). This can range from the use of a bullhorn (we don’t actually stock a bullhorn, but can sub-rent one at your request), to a multi-million dollar concert sound system. Audio Production Group offers a wide range of solutions to meet your needs

Typical events that we support include concerts (acoustic and electric music), graduations, musical theater, corporate events, speaking engagements, and any other event that would require the use of a sound amplification system.

We offer top of the line equipment packages and highly skilled operators to ensure the success of your event. APG staff is familiar with and comfortable mixing all kinds of music, from rock and roll to sensitive acoustic ensembles, ethnic music of all types, keynote speakers, presentations, and corporate events. The results of quality sound reinforcement are clarity, distribution, intelligibility, and balance, with no distortion or additional noise, as well as your patrons commenting on the high quality of the audio.

Sound Reinforcement


Recording, mixing, editing, mastering, file preparation for distribution

We got our start as a recording company back in 1989, focusing on live, multitrack and stereo recordings, before branching in to sound reinforcement. Starting in 1989 operating as “Location Digital Recording”, we began to assemble recording systems and built a recording truck. Many projects were recorded and produced to tape and CD over the years. As technology evolved, we advanced into digital recording systems, editing workstations, file management, and internet file sharing. APG can currently handle any recording project, from a live stereo choir or orchestra recording to a full band multitrack, including editing, mixing, and mastering services. We still specialize in on-location recording, however, we can also accommodate projects in our “project studio” in Belmont, CA. We utilize the latest technology, top of the line equipment and our extensive experience to produce the highest quality recordings possible.

venue support


Sound technicians and equipment rental for your venue

Many schools, churches, production companies and other organizations rent out their venues and have their own installed sound, lighting and video support. APG can provide staffing services to operate your venue’s equipment with the same expertise as we do our own. APG can provide scheduling, training on your system and professional operators that will entice your customers to return again and again to produce their events in your facility. We can also perform maintenance and upgrades as needed to keep your venue’s equipment working at peak performance.



Audio support for webcasts, live television, entertainment venues, and special events

In today’s world, communication takes many forms. Webcasting opens the world up to companies and organizations that have a message for their employees, customers, and fans. In addition to a meeting in the office or a locally produced event, this technology allows our customers to reach far and wide. APG provides audio services to support these efforts. Live sound mixing, audio feeds to an in-house sound system, audio feeds to the web, IFB’s, phone bridges, codecs, Q/A monitors, entertainment, video playback, and in-room music are all elements of current-day production.

video projection


Video projection, multi-screen presentations, image magnification

In collaboration with our partners, APG can provide projectors, screens, displays, cameras, switchers, and recorders for a complete video production package. All equipment is scalable so as to provide the right solution for your event.

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